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Pretty plants for these pots?

I put this together this afternoon.  Any suggestions what might bring this to life?  I’m considering English lavender on top and in May, trailing petunia?  I’m open to suggestions though, I just want it to look pretty as this is in a bit of a courtyard area I’m creating.  To the left of these shelves will be a camelia and to the left of that, a trio of olive trees and bay.  They’re all in pots and will have pretty toppers in blue and white.  Hope you can help!  Thanks. 


  • Are you aiming at a particular style, and do you have certain colour preferences? That would help us to answer.
  • I’m completely open.  As long as it looks pretty I’ll give it a try! 
  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 21,727
    Are they in sun or shade?
    If in sun then hardy annuals, like the petunia, will provide colour all through the summer. See what is in the garden centres in May.

    If it's in shade then fuchsias could brighten it up.
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  • Full sunlight from early morning until about 1pm then shade.  I do love petunias! 
  • LTobyLToby Posts: 224
    cascading bacopas (blues and pinks or whites) for Summer to Autumn
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  • You've got some nice winter interest going already, so how about plants for later in the season. Your best bet is to use the pots to contrast leaf and plant textures. Not everything will last well in a pot, but if you devoted some pots to soft-textured bedding perennials--the above suggestion of Bacopa, or Lobelias, Nemesia, Diascia are all good--you could have others devoted to more solid-looking plants. There are lots of smaller Agapanthus around now; check out 'Golden Drop' with variegated leaves. Then another long-flowering plant to use in containers is Begonia, for example Begonia boliviensis 'Bonfire' or 'Million Kisses Elegance'. With things like Heuchera you get foliage colour as well as flowers, and there are varieties in everything from silver to near-black.
  • I’ve never heard of those but they’re so pretty and seem ideal!  Thank you 😊
  • @Cambridgerose12.  Thank you!  I’ve enjoyed googling all those.  I like the idea of several types of flower that’s a good point.  Originally I was staying with one.  Those Begonias you recommend are perfect!  I was given some begonias last year - they were the large blooms and looked spectacular in pots, lasting well into October.  I’ve never tried these cascading ones but will definitely seek them out. The bacopa and Nemesia will fill the other pots and have given me some ideas for other places in the garden too. 
    I have around 60 pots in the garden and my difficulty is always having enough for all the flowers I like!  Those heuchera would looking wonderful in a border.  I wish I had one! 
  • 'I have around 60 pots in the garden and my difficulty is always having enough for all the flowers I like!'
    I feel your pain...this year I have forced myself to rationalise...
  • Thanks everyone!  Order placed this morning for trailing begonia, Nemesia and Bacopa.  I’ve gone with a pink and white colour scheme which should look striking against the blue pots.  This is only my second year gardening so lots to learn but I wanted to introduce new flowers rather than stick to what I know whilst keeping old favourites that I know I already love.  
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