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Hi everyone, newbie plant owner struggling



  • Hey. Thank you for your reply!

    It's a very big container, originally it had the plants in there original pots, sitting on polystyrene blocks inside and just soil around the edge of the pots too to make it neater. 

    The two plants on the left are still set up like this and in there original pots! 

    The two "trees" so to say are now in full soil. 
    However this soil is sitting ontop of lots of polystyrene (at the bottom of the container).

    I was advised to do this originally to help with drainage. 

    I changed the soil when putting them out of there pots, as originally I was about them being root bound, I was very mistaken as the roots are tiny (my lack of knowlege). 5his is actually starting 5o make me very anxious. 

    Is there a service or industry in where by I pay a call out fee and get some help in front of me? 

    I am happy to do anything as advised, ie re soil, repot, absolutely what ever is necessary as these are clearly going down hill! 

    Sorry to carry on, I just feel really lost. 
    Thank you for for the advise and I am misting daily now BTW. 

    Any further information or photos needed please ask! 

    Thank you 

    Ps. Few more pics and one of the soil to see the quality/ water ammount. They are rooted about 8 inch deep.

    Thanks 😊

  • JennyJJennyJ DoncasterPosts: 3,405
    If they're definitely not waterlogged in the bottom, are getting misted regularly, and the light level and temperature are right, there's not a lot else you can do except wait and see.
    Regarding your query about getting someone in to help, you'd be better enquiring locally. A place where I used to work had a company in to look after the plants, but if I remember rightly the plants were leased and were replaced if they didn't do well. I don't remember their name though, it was a long time ago.
  • I'm lost tbh. 
    I had someone come in and say they think underwatered.  

    The soil down by the roots is damp, like darker. But basically dry. Just not dry like the top!
    So watered them!
    They are getting worse. The soil is probably 12 inches deep with polystyrene chucks under it. So the water should run through? 

    Was wondering if it's the water from the taps? 

    But worrying they are not going to come back? 

    Found out there has been a electric heater on sometimes I have not been in the office.

    These pictures are today!

    Could it be underwatered and taking some time to come back? 

    Latest pictures if they make any difference. 

    These pictures 6 days ago I think. 

    The soil is 3 days ago pre water. 
    Looks wetter here, but it was crumble and not sticky at all. Almost just cold and moist from that if you understand? 

    Finally. Could this be the water? Or not misting enough still for them to deteriate this rapidly? 

    I read these plants are slow reacting. So maybe I still haven't watered them enough? 
    Sorry for such long posts, I am starting to think I'm not going to have a positive outcome here! 
  • You can probably tell I'm really stressed about them due to the way I'm writing. 

    Apologies, and thank you so much for all of your contributions! 
  • Songbird-1Songbird-1 Posts: 2,175
    I'm no expert on houseplants at all but are the plants near any natural light? They will need light for photosynthesis. Have you researched the care of these plants? Do you know their names? I would reckon they are probably very stressed now and the atmosphere will not be helping. I personally would take the plant out of the planter and pot it up in a pot on its own, water well ie give it water until it drains through the compost and runs out of the drainage holes at the bottom. Change its position and hope it picks up. I sincerely hope it does for you as you are obviously really concerned about it, but the office may not be the best place to have it for it to flourish. Good luck @kharnIWc_HZnd!
  • gardenman91gardenman91 BrightonPosts: 409
    With regards to the soil, you could try repotting the plant, but add some perlite to the compost as it will improve aeration and drainage. With watering be careful, as in even though the top surface is dry the soil further down may be holding on to some moisture. 
  • Songbird-1Songbird-1 Posts: 2,175
    edited 5 March
    @kharnIWc_HZnd, I've woken up so have googled your plant  "Dracaena Cintho " Dragon Tree", ( I think. );This is what the site advises.....

    When planting on into a pot or planter make sure the pot is 20 percent bigger than growers pot. Cover the bottom with a layer of potting soil. Is there a hole? Then start with a layer of hydro grains so water can drain. The Dracaena should be 1-2 cm below the rim.Plant in the middle of the planter. 

    Fill the planter with good potting  soil and press it down slightly.

    Good humidity is important. 60-70 percent humidity as leaf edges may dry out. 

    When the air is dry, spray leaves 1-2 daily. It enjoys a light spot with morning and evening sun.

    Water weekly. Dissolve a little green fertiliser every two weeks. You may need water 1-2 weekly in the summer when the soil feels dry.

    The plant needs a rest period between November to December, water less, don't fertilise.

    In the  general details it did say it's preferred position was half shadow, shadow.

    Hope this helps.

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