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Uneven growing Italian Cypresses

Good morning,
I planted 6 Italian Cypress trees next to my front path a couple of years ago. Four of them have come on really well and two are still small. They look a bit silly as a group now. Do you think the small ones - on the left the two closer to the end of the path - will catch up? 
When they got big I was considering taking out the two middle trees as I think they will get too close together but now I wonder if the solution is to take out the middle one on the left and the end one on the left and then move the middle tree from the right to the furthest position on the left. Then I’d have four evenly spaced trees of the same height.
I worry though that moving the tree would have an impact on its growth next year and defeat the object of moving it in the first place. Any advice is welcome. Please see the pic below to help with my explanation. 


  • A view from the side

  • As long as you were careful to lift the whole rootball and gave them lots of tlc for the following season, I would have thought you could move them, probably best done during the winter. 
    Whether this solves your problem with height differences or not is a moot point. The move could check the growth as you suggest. It could be that it’s the growing conditions which is causing those two to grow more slowly, I know they are all close together but there could be slight differences in the soil (drainage, pH etc) and wind/sun which make just that enough difference.

    Unfortunately plants don’t grow uniformly 🙄
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  • Yes, so it could be quite a bit of work for possibly no gain. I also wonder if the height difference would be so noticeable when they are bigger.
    Thank you Butterfly. Does anyone else have an opinion?
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    I rather like the height graduation. I expect the tallest two are slightly sheltered by the house and the shortest more exposed. It also gives a sense of perspective to your path making it seem longer than it is.
  • That’s true and that would be great if both sides did the same. Unfortunately, on the other side they’re all the same height!
  • I think the ones on the end will always be smaller, they are just more exposed. I'd be reluctant to move them around it seems like a lot of stress to the plant for very little long term gain. Probably once they are a bit bigger the difference will be less noticeable. 
  • I think it will all look fine once they’re above head height. Close up you won’t see the tops and from a distance it’ll just look like a perspectival adjustment. 
    I’d leave well alone. Just make sure they get plenty of water throughout the summer. 

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  • Thanks. I’ll not touch them then! 
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