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Help Me to Decide on T5 lights for propagation

I'm using a shelving rack for about 6 to 8 trays for seed sowing. 

I don't have any idea on how to choose. I have previously posted a thread last Nov. about this, but I still none the wiser on what to buy. I need to buy now as I've got toms and chillis to sow! 

Thanks :smile:


  • BraidmanBraidman Posts: 273
    I think this is the type you should try, especially for vegetables, from Amazon and relatively cheap as well, suit you as well Pink!Livole Grow Light Hanging LED Plant Light with 75 LEDs and Small Panel for Indoor Plants Seed Germination Growing FloweringampFruiting
  • KiliKili Posts: 1,119
    edited February 2021
    If your buying T5 lights you should ensure you buy them with the reflectors. T5's are not cheap but certainly do the job.

    I have a 5 shelf unit with 3ft (90cm's to the youngsters) wide shelves . You need to purchase 3ft T5 lights with reflectors similar to these for each shelf. My shelves are 1'5 feet wide and I have 3  X 3 foot T5 lamps on each shelf. You may not need as many.

    I originally bought mine from this website  .These lights come with reflectors and fixing kits to screw them to the underside of each shelve to bathe the seedlings below in light.
    You also need a timer to turn the lights on and off as once your seed has propagated they will need at least 16 hours of light a day minimum if you want to force them on for early planting.

    I have these timers  which allow for setting turning on/off at up to 6 times a day( I think) so you don't have to get up early or stay up late to turn on or off.

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  • TheVanguardTheVanguard Posts: 130
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    I have a vitipod from green house sensation..bought a bit from them good supplier.

    I have used both the ones below, the bottom one is LED they last longer and I assume use less power but are more expensive to buy 

  • pinkskyinthecitypinkskyinthecity Posts: 109
    edited February 2021
    Thanks for all your help in taking the time to explain to me in detail on what to buy. I've found these links most helpful. One of the product link gives a choice of blue or red spectrum lighting and I think blue is appropriate for starting seeds, but correct me if I'm wrong, if I wanted to grow the seedlings on, I would have to get the red light as well? There are some lights that don't specify colours. 

    I notice that there a multiple tubes encased as one product. Would they be for larger surface areas that cover seed trays? I will have two full-sized trays end to end on each shelf, so in essence, will I buy one 90cm tube or equivalent per shelf? 


    If I wanted to grow them on, why would I need a timer? Wouldn't I leave the light on all the time? They will be in my spare, but packed room - West North facing and currently the light levels are still very low. Excuse me for my naivete, I just want to make the right purchases.

    NB. I can up my budget to £100 or so for the lights as it'll be a good investment. 
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