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Hello there. I have a real dilemma as spent A LOT of money on bulbs for my Mum's garden a mix of hyacinths, tulips and narcissus and then got ill and haven't been able to plant them should I
a. leave them in the box they came in and plant the narcissus in September 2021 and the hyacinth and tulips later in autumn. 
b. take them out the box and spread them out but keep them in the shed which is cool and dark but may have issues with mice. 
c. plant them in pots 
d. plant them into the bed anyway 
e. something else! 
I can only manage to do about 1 hr a week of gardening energy wise with the illness I have and there are about 500 bulbs.
Many thanks, 


  • Thank you so, so much! that helps relieve me from some sleepless nights!
    all the best  
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