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Using Ericaceous compost

I have got an Acer in a border and a magnolia in a big pot.  I was going to take out some of the soil in the pot and replace with the Ericaceous compost I have bought but do I need to do the same in the border or can I just tip a load around the bottom of the plant? I cannot remember what i did last year.  Did start writing things down but just had masses of paperwork and could not find anything so now I just look up on google or ask a question when I need, works better as I do not tend to remember everything


  • KeenOnGreenKeenOnGreen Posts: 1,819
    We spread it over the ground around the trees which we have in the ground, but don't remove any existing soil (we only do that for the ones in pots).  Just make sure to keep the compost away from the trunk by a few inches, otherwise there is a risk of it rotting.
  • Thanks for that advice KeenOnGreen, I will do as you say.  I did not know that about keeping the compost away from the trunk, good job you mentioned it or I would definitely have just chucked the soil around the base of the plant.  Cheers for that
  • I had good advice once from an Acer specialist. I couldn't seem to keep mine alive in pots and he said that you can't use ordinary ericaceous compost for them. They need a soil-based compost. I would imagine the same is true of the Magnolia as well, although that doesn't need acid soil.

    Since that time I have used John Innes soil-based ericaceous compost and everything has flourished really well. It's a bit hard to obtain, but I usually find some on eBay.
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