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Phoenix Palm

Hello all. I picked up a rather well priced potted Phoenix today. I’m keep to get it into the ground, but just wanted to check it’ll be ok down here in rainy London? I understood they’re hardy enough. Pic below (I’m moving the tiny cypress)


  • steven.g.garnersteven.g.garner Posts: 133
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    Thanks for the info @philippasmith2 ! Wondered if I could wrap it if we’re facing some seriously cold weather. In terms of size I’m happy for it to get as big as it wants there. We can easily accommodate any height, width wise it will hang over next door a bit if it gets very wide but we get on well! Thanks for the compliment. I actually built that bed last year, the garden was an absolute tip and I’ve started from scratch. The other side of the garden gets a bit more sun and we went a bit more traditional planting but we’re actually changing everything to evergreens for a bit more tropical look!
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    Mine isn't as big as that but lives outdoors all winter here in Devon. 
    IMHO that bed is much too narrow for a CIDP.
    It'll be rammed up against the fence for the next few years and tearing at your legs as you walk up the path. 
  • Thanks @Hostafan1 so hardiness seems ok, but doesn’t sound like the location is quite right? I could pot this and leave it on the patio, or even better we’re having some decking in towards the middle of the garden which gets more sun. How big can I get it to in a pot do you think???
  • Thanks for the information guys @philippasmith2 and @Hostafan1 (im pretty new to gardening!). I think perhaps I understood this would grow ‘up and over’ more like a full standard tree, but of course it’s much wider from the ground. Hmmm. I do have a spot but it’s nearing the edge of the canopy of an oak tree (back of my property) so it may not work well there. Perhaps I make a large 200l planter (can’t afford to buy one!) and set it up nicely in that?
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    If you're putting decking in the middle of the garden, could you leave a circular hole in the middle to plant your phoenix? If it's happy and in the right location (have a look at some of the specimens in Torquay for example) they'll really grow huge.

    Over time they'll also start growing a trunk which lifts the crown, but in the meantime those fronds will fill up a large space very quickly!
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    Canary Island Date Palms in Southsea, Hants
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    If it was previously stored indoors, it might not like suddenly having to cope with frost. I think the plant is a contender for growing in a pot, so you can reposition it as it grows and possibly move it towards the house if temperatures get very low. (You can take it with you if you move house too!) Ultimately it's probably going to be too large for you garden (or a pot) but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy it for many years.
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