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Top Grafted Trees - Query

Hey all πŸ‘‹πŸ»
I've purchased a top grafted Prunus Incamp Okame, I saw it for a great price of €24.99. I read up on the variety of Prunus and 'top grafting', and I understand the stem of the root stock won't grow any taller (my one is about 80cm), but will the stem get thicker? I'm curious as to whether the root stem will stay exactly the same, or will it thicken somewhat to support the look of the Okame as the branches grow?


  • Yes, the trunk from the rootstock will increase in diameter over time as both grow.Β  On older trees, the difference in vigour can make the graft point become more obvious, but that's usually only noticeable on bottom-grafted trees.
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  • @BobTheGardener Ah, thanks so much! I have tried to research this myself but couldn't find that little nugget of information. You're a star! :)
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