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Separating Rose Cuttings

Last year i took some shrub rose cuttings and they have took, the pots in my greenhouse. When would the best time to separate them into there own pots?.


  • I'm going to start with the caveat that I have never struck hardwood cuttings from roses myself. They are bound to be many rose experts on here but as no one has replied so far....

    If it were me, I would gently tip the pot over and remove the rootball with the various cuttings. I would tease them apart to get individual plants and then I would treat them like bare root roses, potting them up or planting them out in the garden.
  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,265
    They don't need to be in the greenhouse. I have some cuttings outside in large pots, looking excatly the same. Some I have already tipped out and repotted or given away. A couple of potfuls will stay as they are until we see the inlaws, a bucket each, they can plant as a multistem.
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