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is this Japanese Knotweed?

nc83nc83 Posts: 3

I've just seen this house with this garden, and wanted to know if any of the overgrown plants look like Japanese knotweed? Particularly the ones highlighted in red.  I know the pictures aren't great.

Thank you  in advance!


  • Hi @nc83 and welcome!

    The photos are too far away to be sure, but I'd be very surprised if that was JKW.  It dies back in the winter, and doesn't re-grow until relatively late in the spring, so all you should be able to see now if it indeed is JKW would be thick, vertical, hollow dead stems branching near the top.

    If you're going for a second viewing, ask to go in the garden and take some close up photos.  Then we can give you a definitive answer (hopefully...)
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  • nc83nc83 Posts: 3
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    Thank you @Liriodendron :smile:
  • Hi. The branched, arching habit, coupled with the colour of the stems, suggests to me this is not JKW. However, as @Liriodendron says, best to take close-up images when you return. Another tell-tale sign is if it's in neighbouring gardens - it's not obvious from the photo. You could always knock on their doors and ask. After all, if it is present and causes them a problem they would be delighted if you planned to tackle it.

    The garden is rather overgrown but there are some promising shrubs and plants from what I can see in the photo. They're just rather mature and have lacked a bit of TLC. The number of pots suggests an owner who was keen but perhaps it got on top of them?
  • RubytooRubytoo Posts: 1,323
    On the second picture within the red circle the stems on that one look like it might be a red stemmed Cornus or commonly known as dogwood.

    It looks like it has been a loved and well tended garden with a lot of things on little obelisks and pots everywhere.

    There seems to be an almost overwhelming concern about JKW these days. Of course you are right to be cautious. But most of the time it turns out not to be, and also is controllable, though can get a little difficult if it comes from neighbouring property.

    I would be more worried about what looks like a bamboo :D
    If you are house hunting Good Luck
  • nc83nc83 Posts: 3
    Thank you everyone for all your help I really appreciate it :smile:   Let's hope I'm successful in purchasing and I can use some of the existing shrubs and turn it into a lovely garden :smiley: 
  • What makes you think it might be Japanese Knotweed?
  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 34,051
    the only thing I can make out is some honeysuckle growing through it
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