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Hedging with colour

Hi all. I'm pretty new when it comes to gardening so these may be basic questions but please bare with me!

We've just had the wall at the front of our house rebuilt (probably just over 2ft high) and would like some shrubbery behind it to provide some privacy. We don't want it too high to block the view completely, but I'm happy to trim it back when needed.

It's a south-westerly facing garden so gets plenty of sun. I'm not great with soil types, but according to a google search my area is "Freely draining slightly acid but base-rich soils" and is "loamy".

Ideally we'd like a bit of colour on there, but we were also thinking of planting a tree just behind it which could do that. Recommendations on a tree with colourful blooms would be appreciated.

I hope this is enough info, but please let me know if I've missed anything out! I guess we are coming up towards the best time to plant (March-ish?) but let me know if I'm better off waiting.


  • PosyPosy Posts: 3,601
    How much space do you have? Some shrubs spread out and some are more upright. And what sort of length and height are you thinking of? Do you prefer evergreens or a mix? What about flowers or leaf colour? If you have a look in gardens nearby you will be able to see if they can grow healthy acid lovers like azaleas and heathers and acers. That will affect your choice.
  • Thank you Posy. We have quite a bit of space so happy for them to spread out a bit. I think height wise, somewhere between 4 and 5ft. The wall is around 6m long. Happy to have a mix to give it some colour.

    Evergreen would be nice. A bit of colour, possibly reds/pinks/oranges would be nice, but we are thinking of having a flowering tree (possibly cherry blossom) which would do that anyway.

    We have a large holly hedge in the front garden as well which grows well, not sure if that helps. I'll keep an eye out, but to be honest I'm not sure what I'm looking for!
  • PosyPosy Posts: 3,601
    The world's your oyster! I have a particular thing about winter flowering shrubs because they cheer me up. I love mahonia, witch hazel, cornus and winter honeysuckle. If it's acid enough camellias and rhododendron are fabulous but the summer shrubs are wonderful, too  with roses to give colour. There are evergreens like eleagnus for background and smashing leaf colour in physocarpus (spelling?) and euonymous, viburnum. Oh crikey, just search a good catalogue,  you are spoiled for choice!
  • shane.farrellshane.farrell Posts: 207
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    Consider that a hedge that tall/long would be costly to achieve quickly. If you can wait 2-3 years then plants may establish better if smaller. What about Beech for the main stretch (lush green and copper in winter) intermingled with variegated Cornus Alba for lovely red stems in winter and maybe Cotinus to accent the red stems and for awesome Autumn colour. As above choices are endless.
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