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Wildflowers by region

Does anyone know if there's a website or resource anywhere that tells you which wildflowers are native to which regions of the UK? I've seen a few websites suggest that you shouldn't sow wildflower mixes indiscriminately in case they escape from your garden and outcompete the local wild flora in your area, but nothing that seems to say how you can figure this out. Does anyone have any suggestions? I've tried searching but am not having any luck.



  • @philippasmith2 That's great, thank you, I will look it up.
  • LiriodendronLiriodendron Posts: 7,936
    Your local Wildlife Trust may have done local wild flower surveys, or point you in the right direction to find the information you're looking for.
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  • @Liriodendron That's a good idea, I will get in touch with them. Thank you!
  • OwlbearOwlbear Posts: 49
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    One site I've found useful in the past if you have specific species you want to look up is the Online Atlas of British and Irish Flora.

    It has brief notes about general regional distribution as well as maps of records. However for some plants the actual native range and/or subspecies has been subsumed by alien/garden escapes (e.g Aquilegia vulgaris) so it's less useful in those cases. But outside of those cases, in very broad terms for determining if something is likely to be native to a specific county it's not bad.

  • @Owlbear Thank you very much for that, that looks like a fantastic resource. Hadn't come across it before, so thank you for signposting it for me. I will get searching!
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