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Planting in February, beginner question

Paul165Paul165 Posts: 97
I'm chomping at the bit to start planting up some shady borders. Ferns, solomons seal, actea, etc 

There are many online stores which have the plants I need but I've always assumed I need to wait until spring to plant. I live in the North of England so plenty of frosts still to come...

What is the general guidance here? If the plants are Hardy enough, can I get stuck in now or should I be patient and wait another month or two? 


  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 52,005
    You can certainly plant if they're big, well established specimens, and the ground and weather/temps are favourable, but I would wait. If they're small plants, they'll be very vulnerable  [until about May up here] and even bigger plants can succumb to the weather and cold soil, as they're generally grown in more protected conditions. 
    It's never worth the risk.
    You can certainly get the plants if you can give them a bit of shelter until they get going again, and that saves worrying that they'll not be available when you want to plant. All of the ones you mention will be quite easy to keep tucked in somewhere against a house wall, or in a cold frame    :)
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  • I agree with @Fairygirl and would have no worries planting larger things but anything which comes as large plugs or in small pots would be better potted into slightly larger pots and kept somewhere outside but sheltered, so they can get used to your local conditions before planting them in spring.
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