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Where can I purchase a very large quantity of bulbs?

Planning ahead for the next 12 months and considering planting many 100s of bulbs. Not too bothered about what flowers they produce;  just want an array of colour and interest throughout my large garden. But where do I buy decent bulbs in bulk?


  • Peter Nyssen is a reputable supplier with a broad range of bulbs for spring and autumn planting. You can buy in bulk and the prices are very reasonable. 

    You do need to be consider your choices though as not all may enjoy the particular conditions your garden affords.
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    I can't answer your question, but I think you should give some consideration to the flowers they produce. Some daffodils ,in particular, are horrible.😊
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    J parkers  very reputable wholesaler with gorgeous flowers.  I've used them 3 times now
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    I personally use Gee Tee bulbs. I find the comany great and the staff excellent. Very good prices too. They sell in bulk.

    If you are interested in planting for wildlife, then single flowers are best (not doubles).

    It's also good to give a thought to what happens to the greenery once the flowers are done. Some, like muscari, daffs, allium and tulips, can leave a lot of floppy greenery for along time after the flowers have gone. Leaving the greenery on the plant after flowering allows the bulb to develop well for the following year's flowers. Snowdrops and early iris, don't have so much greenery to deal with.

    Do you want bulbs that will more reliably come back year after year, or is one season's flowers ok for you - as with most tulips?

    The make up, heaviness and dampness of your soil through the winter will also influence which bulbs will do well, if you are not planning to plant them in pots. Many bulbs will rot off if put in damp, heavy soil.
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    I have bought bulbs for naturalising from Broadleigh and been very impressed.

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  • I'd hope to plant bulbs that will flower year after year and I'm especially interested in flowers that ill attract wildlife. 
  • If looking for large quantities sell to the public at wholesale prices. You need to buy minimum quantities of each variety but this is often just 10/25 depending on the bulb. Lots of varieties available
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  • I have found Farmer Gracy very good although I did see the prices at Peter Nyssen were very good. 

    I love bulbs (or the displays from them) and consider them great value for money. :)
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  • Peter past years I have used them. Excellent quality...good value.

    I first heard of them as they supplied bulk bulbs for council parks /  road side planting schemes where many 1,000's of bulbs are needed.
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    Peter Nyssen for me too, although I've also used GeeTee and various others.

    If you're looking to benefit wildlife @margaretannebrown , it's a good idea to pick some things which can provide early nectar - the species tulips are excellent for that. Nyssens have a good selection. They're reliable year on year, as opposed to most of the big fancy tulips, but they also like a sunnier, free draining site.  :)
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