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Cutting back penstemons

I planted out some penstemons last Spring to fill gaps in my shrubbery. It's now clear that I planted them too close to the front of the border and too close together, so, having looked it up, I had planned to move, cut them back and divide them in April.  However, there is a serious case of bullying going on and I am worried that the two young camellias who are victims of the bullying penstemons will not thrive if the penstemons remain as they are.  Could I move them as early as February?  Alternatively, could I cut them back now and then lift and divide them in April?  I would be grateful for any ideas. :)


  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 33,723
    I'd cut them back , even if just on the side of the neighbours, and move them in April. 
  • I generally cut back by half about now anyway and then to the lowest growth in April approx. I agree cut back now and move later 👍
    If you want more, trim below a node, stick the bits in some mix with sharp drainage and leave outside. You may get some you may not but you may as well try!
  • Thanks both - I will get the secateurs out tomorrow!  I will also have a go at rooting some cuttings as you suggest @shane.farrell67 . :):)
  • I've had great success with penstemon cuttings, very easy to do. 
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  • Sometimes I just stick them in the ground and they take. The main thing is don't fiddle, just let them be.
  • Penstemons all cut back now and cuttings taken, so we'll see what happens! Many thanks to all of you. :)
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