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I'm a complete novice in the garden and hoping that there's some experts out there that can offer some suggestions for a relatively low maintenance hedge. 
We recently had some out of hand conifers taken down and now find ourselves slightly overlooked by a neighbour and without a boundary line. Whilst we don't want to go the whole hog and put up a wall between us, it would be nice to have a little privacy back and put the boundary back in place. 

After a few trips to garden centres my wife loves the Cryptomeria Japonica when it comes as a topiary specimen and has a spherical top to it. We know this won't act as a full screen, but mainly we'd just like something to replace the conifers and put the boundary back that looks nicer than a standard conifer. 
Is anyone able to offer advice on these and whether a line of these spaced apart would work. 
We do get a bit of wind whipping around where they would be and there's little to no shade, so we need something relatively hardy. We have a lot of laurel around so the thought of adding more of that type of plant is not overly appealing. 

More than happy to hear of any other similar suggestions if anyone can help.

Thanks so much in advance. 

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