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Greenhouse or not to greenhouse?

Hi all,

I've asked your advice before about moving my path, excitingly this is happening soon! Thanks again for everyone who gave advice.

Moving the path creates a bed to the left of it (the main motivation but also to add a journey as it's straight at the mo). I'd really like to install a greenhouse. I know I don't have space for a 'proper' one but I've fallen in love with the one in the photo. Perfect for small gardens. You can see on our design (v busy I know, did it for fun!) It's situated at the bottom left handside of the garden. This new bed is really the only area it can go - the otherside doesn't get enough sun and it would block off the shed. I know most people like to shield off their functional sections but I love our shed, we had it built bespoke and we love that it's a big feature. So the question is really, should I get the greenhouse? I'd love to grow my own flowers (annuals to begin with, and be able to start off my dahlias without them taking up room on my kitchen floor!) Or will I regret taking up space in my new bed?

Love to know your opinions. As I said the design is really just the path  and a potential spot for the greenhouse, the rest was us just messing around on photoshop.

Thank you!

P.s. we have looked at mini ones, but have limited patio space.


  • purplerallimpurplerallim Posts: 4,861
    One question and one observation. 
    Is that morning or evening sun, which way does the sun travel?
    And to get proper use of it the greenhouse really needs to be about the size of your shed.
  • Hi both, thanks for your replies.

    So the area (and the whole left hand side of the garden) gets sun from about 10 (maybe earlier) until 5-6 in the summer. 

    I appreciate most greenhouses are bigger, but I don't have the space for a larger one. This one is designed so you don't actually go in it, so you don't lose floor space. I do think the size is adequate for my needs at the moment. 

    I've measured with canes and it does fit, it would come out to where the middle of the lavender hedge is at the moment, so not too deep. I think it would be really great to have one, and actually grow stuff from seed. I'm really into my gardening but I'm limited without one. It's hard to try and combine the functionality with the aesthetic. I'll definitely give it some more thought before making a final decision.

    We are hoping the path work will start either at the end of this week, or start of next. It will of course be much easier to visualise then.

    Thanks again.
  • purplerallimpurplerallim Posts: 4,861
    Everyone always says that they wish they had bought a bigger one @Purpleandpinks 😁 it's just something to think about. The smaller it is the more the cold penetrates, so may reduce its use. Ever thought about a lean to type to put against the fence? Just a thought.😁
  • Haha if I had the space I would definitely have a massssssive one! That's something to consider. I've found a couple of people on Instagram who have the same one so I have contacted them to see how they like it in practice. 

    That's an interesting idea, I'm not sure the fence would hold up to it. But definitely something to investigate further. 
  • NollieNollie Posts: 7,067
    I can see why you like it, it’s really cute, but it does kinda look like the tardis has landed in the middle of a flower bed! I think their other design, like a freestanding lean to, would work better as you could tuck it right up against the lefthand fence. Subject to best light levels, If space would not be too tight, I would also be inclined to put it on the near patio, where you currently have the pots and a readymade base. Alternatively, the other side of the tree (between tree and dog) accessed directly from the gravel path with the new borders either side. Your garden, your design decision of course!
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