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Yucca help

Hi all, new to the forum. 

Im just wanting some advice please. My yucca isn't looking as good as it used to. Some leaves are yellowish and some are dropping off and brown. I'm unsure if this is normal or I am doing something wrong. I've had the yucca 9 months and it's not looking as good as it used to or green. 

Can anyone give advice or does my yucca look fine for the winter months? 


  • I'd say it would benefit from a larger pot in the first instance and regular turning to ensure the whole plant receives sufficient light.  You can see how the plant is "bending"
    towards the glass door.
    The new growth will always be lighter in colour to begin with and the more new tips you have, the harder it is to get the light to it.
    They are incredibly hardy plants ( in the sense that they thrive even if a bit neglected ) and don't require much watering.
    Your plant looks basically very healthy so I'd not worry too much.  Come the warmer weather, it will benefit from spending time outside.

    Thanks for the info it is appreciated. What size pot is best for a large yucca?

  • I'd go for double the diameter you have at present. Add some sand/vermiculite to the potting compost and ensure drainage is good. You probably want to hold off on repotting until spring.

    Bear in mind, the yucca grows by shedding some lower leaves--see the old scars on the stem--so some loss is part of the normal growth cycle. But you should also be careful not to overwater indoors in winter. It is a plant from arid areas, so too much wet in winter will kill it. 'Barely moist' is the standard advice. I tend not to give much water between October and March to similar plants.
  • Thanks. I'll wait till warmer weather before reporting it. 

    I've given it 500ml of water today as my moisture reader was indicating almost dry. It hasn't been watered for approx 3 weeks. 

    At least I know it looks healthy, perhaps the winter less daylight if having an effect. 

    My last yucca died and was replaced with this one. Just trying not to go down the same path! 
  • Just to let you know after I gave the plant 500ml water (usually give less) it has perked up and is also a lot more green to it and is doing well :-) 
  • ObelixxObelixx Vendée, Western FrancePosts: 24,318
    If you can, lift it into your shower, minus the outer pot, and give it a good rinse all over with lukewarm water then make sure the compost gets a good soak thru but is then allowed at least an hour for the pot to drain and the leaves to dry off before you put it back.
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