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Can sunflower seeds be planted directly onto lawn as I know they can be sowed directly outside? Also do sunflowers need staking when tall enough? Thanks


  • Is there a particular reason you want to plant in the lawn rather than a border? It's less than ideal to do that, though some may germinate.

    Not all sunflowers need staking. It really depends upon the height of the variety you are considering, which should be stated on the packet or by the online seed supplier. For instance, there are many dwarf and shorter varieties that don't need staking unless you plan to plant in a windy location. Self-seeded ones in my garden went un-staked last summer and the tallest was roughly 6ft high. 
  • Thanks for your reply. No particular reason why I would like to try to sow directly on lawn. I thought to try to do something different and if succeeded how it would look.

    can you be planted into planters?
  • thanks philippasmith
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