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Sowing seeds in zone 10


Id like to know...

Seeds purchased in the UK suggest sowing in march...

But im based in north africa...

Does the weather difference mean i should be sowing earlier than march?

Grateful for the advice.


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,088
    See germination is dependent on temperature, moisture and day length for many plants.  Further north than you it's important to have enough light and warmth to keep seedlings growing happily once they've germinated so March is a good start date for many but further north just in the UK it would be later and down south in Cornwall and Devon it may be earlier.

    Which seeds do you have and do you have space to prick out and grow on all the seedlings till they become big enough to plant out whilst keeping them safe from strong sun, strong winds, fluctuating temperatures between night and day?
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  • Weather at the moments still nippy up in the fluctuates between 5 to 15 degrees but the wind makes it seem seems more like 0 to -3 degrees when you factor in wind chill.

    I've got packets of cucumber tomatoes carrots dill raddish peas beans salad rocket lavender and other flowers.

    Should I wait until march?
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