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Suggestions please for a cutting bed?

debs64debs64 Posts: 5,136
Hi all, it’s that time of year when we make plans and buy seeds isn’t it? I want to dedicate one of the beds at the allotment to flowers for cutting. Any suggestions? I like scented flowers any colour. I will have a bed for sweet peas as they are one of my favourites but any other ideas? If they can be grown from seed so much the better. It’s a sunny spot and there are hives on the allotment so if bees like them it’s a bonus. Thanks. 


  • AuntyRachAuntyRach Posts: 5,262
    I have tried a cutting patch but it was severely slugged. I will try again, but will do pots as well. I suppose you should consider what types of blooms you wish to have - dainty, blousy, colourful etc.  I used Nigella (slug resistant), Cosmos, Cornflowers for a pretty ‘wild flower’ mix. I have heard Borage is good for bees and looks dainty in a vase. I might try Larkspur this year and will try all my ‘free’ seeds and see what happens. Good luck with yours. 
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  • debs64debs64 Posts: 5,136
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    Thanks. One issue we don’t have at the allotment is slugs, there are lots of birds in the area and also a healthy colony of rats? Do they eat slugs? Maybe it’s the birds. 
    Thanks for the suggestions I am thinking cosmos and sunflowers definitely. 
    I grow lilies for cutting but in pots in the garden to keep the dreaded lily beetles under control. 
    Maybe a bit early but at the moment we all need something positive to focus on don’t we? 
  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 23,852
    When I had a cutting bed I grew Nigella (they seeded themselves ever afterwards), Lavatera Silver Cup, Cosmos, Ammi, ageratum, marigolds and cerinthe.
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  • FireFire Posts: 18,987
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    I grow for cutting cosmos, dahlias, ammi, sunflowers, sweet williams and snapdragons. I also have roses and salvia, allium and tulips which cut well. I don't think borage is that easy for an arrangement.

    To encourage pollinators, go for single flowers (not doubles) - single dahlias, snapdragons, snowdrops etc.

    If aiming for scent, then, maybe wall flowers, stocks and phlox?

    Sarah Raven specialises in cut flower seeds.

  • Zinnia are good for cutting, easy to grow and long lasting when picked but no scent
    Thalia and WP Milner are my favourite scented narcissus for the garden and cutting
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  • Ammi are definitely excellent, as are Daucus Carota - both work really well as 'background' to more showy blooms.  I would also plant Dahlia 'Bishops Children' seeds - I've grown these for the last two years and they've flowered fantastically well, with the bonus of having more Dahlia tubers at the end of the season to dig up and replant in Spring.  Calendula 'Indian Prince' is a really good calendula for cutting.  My favourite cosmos are 'Purity' and 'Dazzler'.  Struggling to think of good scented cut flowers - sorry. Good luck with your cutting bed - I started mine 3 years ago and am completely hooked - so much so that I am taking over 2 beds in our vegetable garden this year - one will be dedicated to Sweet Peas too!
  • FireFire Posts: 18,987
    Umbels are the way to go!
  • debs64debs64 Posts: 5,136
    Just ordered sweet pea seeds they are my absolute favourites. Thanks for the suggestions 
  • How about some peonies - some are scented as well and all look beautiful in vases.
     If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.”—Marcus Tullius Cicero
    East facing, top of a hill clay-loam, cultivated for centuries (7 years by me). Birmingham
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