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Anyone with experience of Hercules greenhouses, especially the Blenheim?

Hello everyone, happy January!

I'm taking the plunge and investing in a sizeable greenhouse, however we have to work around that we are at a reasonably high altitude in North Wales, middle of nowhere on an almost totally exposed site that get extremely high winds and storms many months of the year. 

We have one spot where there is, we think, just enough shelter to erect a greenhouse so long as it is of the very durable variety. In my research I came across the Hercules Blenheim (we'd go for the 8x20 to fit the site) - this seems in its blurb to meet the heavy wind resistance criteria as well as affordability, there are far more expensive ones! We'd like to avail of the January discount so need to move quick on order, but we'd love to know if anyone else has any experience with this make on an exposed site prone to high wind? 
Any feedback or advice very gratefully received!!

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