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Do you know what this is?

Hello to all

I'm a new subscriber of the Gardeners World magazine and the first time in this forum.
Over the last summer, I took some pictures of insects in my garden and was able to identify most of them. But I struggle to find the name of this little one in the picture below. The picture was taken while he or she was sitting on a Rudbeckia petal.
Do you know by chance it's name?

Another funny thing I observed was that something had sawed off the petals of the Leucanthemum May Queen. Just for curiosity, do you know what insects may need them or eat them? I was thinking about buying 2 or 3 more plants this February in case it's useful for certain insects and I wanted to have a regular regrow of the flowers.

Many thanks for each suggestion.

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  • Bee witchedBee witched Posts: 1,169
    Hello @simone.h.avebury .... and welcome to the forum.

    I don't know what your insect is, but you could try using iSpot  ... see link below

    This is a really useful resource for identifying the insects that share our gardens.

    Regarding your Leucanthemum ... I've also seen flowers that appear to have sawn off leaves, and I think this damage may actually happen at the bud stage .... possibly slugs?

    Bee x
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  • Thanks Bee witched for the link. I will have a look at it. 

    Regarding the Leucanthemum, it’s not the leaves, but the petals of the flowers. Pure coincidence, while watching a Gardeners World episode this noon time, this was mentioned and reason is a certain type of bees that  use the petals for their bee accommodation. 

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  • K67K67 Posts: 2,507
    It' looks like a type of weevil but not a vine weevil. There are 97,000 species of weevil so happy hunting!
  • Thank you very much. I can start from there 👍

    I my garden.

  • Thanks, Alan Clark2. It's similar, but looking at the description "alternating light and dark longitudinal stripes", "my"one had not really stripes on the back, but it's definitely one of the weevils. I will take a better picture this year.

    I my garden.

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