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Choice of sorbus

I want to plant a sorbus in the lawn of my quite small garden but the choice is overwhelming.   Some sites give Joseph Rock, for instance, as being small and some have it quite large.   
My list of wants is excellent autumn colour, multi berried, about 4m tall and 2m wide and very attractive to wildlife.   Research tells me that Sorbus vilmorinii might be good?  Sorbus hostii might be too small?
Does anyone have experience of the above?   Thanks muchly.


  • RubytooRubytoo Posts: 1,584
    It might help if you give a measurement of your garden. One mans small is another's medium or even large :D

    Quite small or quite large tree size may be down to whether they are giving a full mature age size or (as some sites do) "growth after ten years" is a typical reference and can be somewhat short of the full mature growth.

    Also the aspect of your garden might help others to help you.
    Good luck I always wanted to have a Sorbus of some kind but we don't have the room.

  • Thanks for that - I wioll endeavour to step out the area of grass, which is surrounded by flower beds.
  • Ok. Grass area is 7m x 4m and whole garden is approx 10m x 7m.  One large maple at back and one small acer on west side.   I think I need a very small tree!!!
  • AstraeusAstraeus Posts: 335
    We have a 12x15m space and one of the three trees we planted was a sorbus Eastern Promise. I had wanted to get a Commixta Embley, which is very compact and wildlife friendly, but it was not available bare root.

    The other trees, in case you are wondering, are amelanchier x grandiflora Robin Hill and malus Evereste. All were picked after painstaking research about value to wildlife, mature size and conditions.
  • I've just bought Sorbus 'Olympic Flame' and believe it stays smaller than most.
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