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Lilac tree and bush

chembluechemblue West Bromwich Posts: 35
Happy and Peaceful New Year. Hope you are keeping well and keeping safe. 

I have a lilac tree and lilac bush they are at least 20 years old. I have attached photos. Should I leave them alone the tree has little flowers high above we pruned it after it flowered this year but now as you can see looks an odd shape I would like to cut it right down and rejuvenate it. What advice would you give. I want to do the same to the bush. 

Any advice would be appreciated 


  • ObelixxObelixx Vendée, Western FrancePosts: 22,865
    Lilacs flower on wood produced the previous year so the time for formative pruning is immediately after flowering.  I suggest that in March you give both the tree and the shrub a generous dollop of slow release fertiliser such as blood, fish and bone or rose fertiliser.   You could also give them both a mulch of ell-rotted garden compost or manure any time between now and March on a day when the ground is not frozen.

    This will give a boost to both plants for  better growth and flowering.

    When you do prune, remember the rule of the 3 Ds and first cut out dead, diseased or damaged stems back to their base.   Then you can prune further stems to improve the shape.  make sure your secateurs/loppers/pruning saw are clean and sharp before you start to minimise tearing and infection to newly cut wood.
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