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Planting bearded iris

Eileen107Eileen107 Posts: 74
I have just received my order of some bearded iris corms. As the earth in my garden is really drenched from all the rain we’ve had recently & are forecast for at least another week can anyone advise whether it’s still ok to plant now or should I wait. If I wait what is the best way to store them. Grateful for any advice.


  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 35,372
    They need planted. You could plant them out, but if your ground is very wet, it wouldn't be a suitable site for them anyway. They need free draining soil and a sunny site so that the rhizomes can get a baking over the summer.  :)
    Just put them in pots just now, with the rhizome just clear of the soil surface, and put them somewhere sheltered to give them a chance to establish the roots.
    Once the weather is more suitable - spring - you can plant them out.  :)
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  • Eileen107Eileen107 Posts: 74
    Thankyou for your help%
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