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Investigating the increase in home production horticulture and gardening due to Covid19.



  • JennyJJennyJ DoncasterPosts: 7,401
    Thanks for coming back to explain your reasoning. Good luck with the assignment.
  • Fairygirl said:
    What's most interesting is that the OP hasn't addressed any points raised re the nature of the very limited questions .
    If you don't take on board the replies, you can't improve the quality of the replies, or their value. Most of the students who post polls on the forum for their studies do that, and adapt them accordingly.  Taking offence instead, when someone questions the very narrow nature of the questions offered, surely isn't helpful for acquiring any useful data .  :)
    Agreed, although at the same time there is a polite and friendly way of doing that and then a way that is a little cocky/smug which just puts people off the forum. I think B3's comments was a bit of banter but some might take it the wrong way. 
  • I can understand your question.  However, posining this to an online gardening forum, perhaps is not the wisest choice.  No offence or abuse intentded.
  • I'm glad the OP came back with a pretty good explanation of his thinking as I feel a few folk on here gave him some uncalled for stick. "Student" today doesn't mean what it used to - he / she could be any age or standard and set parameters anywhere from "informative" to "ludicrous."  I have a little insight to this world as my No2 daughter is now in the illustrious halls of Academe and you would not believe the stuff she has to mark - no undeserved insults intended - but some of her Masters students are barely literate. Rather a worry as they will go on to be Pilots!!!
    Her university will accept virtually anybody that can stump up the fees - and for non-residents there seems to be a certain hesitancy to fail anyone. 
    I notice that Cambridge is to now accept less than straight "A"s. 

    I'll also add that I'm an inveterate filler in of surveys!! "None of the above" or "Other" stupid as it may be, is so commonly included now that I've stopped raising an eyebrow. 
  • delskidelski Posts: 274
    edited January 2021
    Oh I completely agree - the standard of most university students is very low compared to what was acceptable when I applied to become a student. Most graduates cannot spell and then call it "dyslexia" But we cannot fail them because then that would be "discrimination". The state of our country relies on our educated people so the old people who are "paying my pension" will be thick as faeces. I'm not looking forward to being old.
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