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low maintenance border

I am trying to make a border which is as low maintenance as possible for my old age.

It is 3ft by 25 ft next to a fence facing west.

I've chosen three shrubs - choisya white dazzler, viburnam darts red robin and daphne perfume princess - and would like some sort of ground cover to bring them together. Possibly also something to cover the fence behind them.

Any ideas?


  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 49,148
    You've not stated the fence height, so that would be a factor. Lots of clematis will be fine, but you could also use things like Cotoneaster [ lots of different types] and Euonymous for that. Both are easy and need little care. 
    Hardy geraniums are always a good bet for groundcover [the aforementioned cotoneaster is also ideal] and if you add reliable spring bulbs, that will give you a good start. Heucheras are very useful if the ground doesn't dry out - they're best in shady spots, but will be fine with some sun if they're in damper ground. Ajuga is also useful, but can be a bit of a thug. Easy to pull out though. I have Pulsatillas [pasque flowers] which are lovely little spring plants, and native primulas are good for shady spots. Hellebores are also good if the soil doesn't dry out too much. Lots of varieties of those too. 
    All of those are very low maintenance.
    Hebes are useful too - loads of choices. You'd have room for some of those, but avoid some of the bigger types, as they would possibly impact on your other shrubs. The ones which have smaller leaves are better, and stay quite compact. Things like heathers are also good as ground cover if you have the right conditions for them. 
    Those are both quite easy, but they need a little pruning each year after flowering to keep them tidy. 
    Hope that's of some use  :)
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  • Thank you very much for that comprehensive reply.  It has certainly given me much to think about.
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