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Hello all and A Happy New Year to you. 
In August, a friend gave me a small cutting from her Abutilon. I potted it up and it grew reasonably well. Very green but only 2 flowers by the end of the year. I then put it in a bigger pot and brought it in to my unheated Summer House which gets lots of light all year round. It has grown a bit more and just when I thought it would die off for winter, it has produced another 7 flowers and more buds. ( My friend is jealous as hers didn't do so well!)
I have not owned one in the past and wanted some help from anyone who knows about them. I don't even know the name of it, it is orange. Should I leave it alone or take off the flowers and buds so it will rest for the Winter? I water it in the saucer once a week.
Any advice will be much appreciated. Thanks.


  • RubytooRubytoo Posts: 1,584
    Just bumping this up a bit for you.
    I don't know a lot about them.
    But there are deciduous ones and evergreen or semi evergreen.

    The deciduous ones are supposed to be hardier than the wintergreen ones.

    If it is flowering and looks happy I would leave it and enjoy the flowers.
    I can understand your friends envy :D
    Until someone else comes along.
    You could look at the names on this link maybe yours will be there.

    Or if you can post a picture someone here may be able to identify it for you.

  • Thank you so much for the information you have given me. I went on to the Burncoose website as you suggested. I couldn't identify my plant there, but a lot of information about caring for the species. Then I dug a lot deeper after seeing all the photographs on Pinterest. After about an hour I have actually found the plant I have. It is definitely a Chinese lantern type and I am almost sure it is called Christina. Lo and Behold, it is an Evergreen and the flowering period is quoted as Spring, Summer, Autumn and early Winter. Now I understand it! I will worry no more about what to do to ( thanks to you! ) I am delighted! Best wishes to you and Happy gardening.  When we can get out there!!) Snow here in Wales, so it may be a while!!! Hazel.
  • I hate to put a damper on this but pinterest is a world wide pic base.
    I would be surprised if it is  Abutilon x hybridum of which are on red scale rather than orange.
    It seems to be one that grows in warm climates, rather than cold snowy Wales.
    The clue is the mention of hummingbirds...see below.

    I cannot find any mention on any UK web site.
    Do please add pics to show flowers and leaves of your plant.

    Perthshire. SCOTLAND .
  • Often known as Chinese lanterns. Tropical. I have them in my garden in Brazil. Wouldn't fancy it in UK.
    Everyone likes butterflies. Nobody likes caterpillars.
  • ZenjeffZenjeff Posts: 652
    Have a look at paddock plants they do sell quite a lot and photoes of them all
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