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Can anyone help me with my cymbidium orchid,the leaves have a silver streak on them and they haven't flowered as yet.


  • Thank you,I have always done that and they've always flowered,their putting on new growth
    but no flower spikes.
    Thank you for your reply.
  • Cyms need a colder spell compared to other orchids. We have many in our unheated garden room and they are sending up flower spikes now, the second flowering.
    They do though still need humidity and rain water when needed. Spraying helps to keep the humidity up.
    Have you repotted them? They are better pot bound.
  • I have them in a cold conservatory,not sure what was happening but had a few yellow leaves
    No I haven't repotted them,not sure if I've got the watering right,although they have always flowered before.I will try spraying to keep up humidity.
  • They are prone to a virus, which fits your description. Sorry but you should discard them. If they don't flower before Christmas, as a rule they are not going to.
    Everyone likes butterflies. Nobody likes caterpillars.
  • No don't give up. Maybe they were in different conditions and still trying to adapt.
    If you can keep them until the warmer weather they can be put outside (maybe under an apple tree) and this will help them to invigorate.
    Orchids are so expensive to purchase so just give them a little more time.
    Some of our cyms aren't showing any signs of flower spikes but we know that they will be ok.
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