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How does this work?

Hello! Smiling I am new to this site and I'm looking forward to seed and plant trading, could someone give me a brief idea of how this works ?thank you! Many years ago I used to trade on the Garden Web until it went away so I have a vague idea just don't know how you guys do it Smiling


  • I would say this site is really about sharing knowledge. Since joining I have not seen any posts on these subjects but if that's what you're looking for you should be able to find local plant swap groups and seed exchanges using Facebook and other social media.
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    "Swap" isn't really what we do.  If someone is offering something on forum that you'd like to have, just send them a private message and say so.  They won't expect you to give them anything in exchange, though it's good manners to offer to refund their postage.
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