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I experimented with Ornamental Grass last year and happy to say they were a success. When should i look to cut back? Thinking March/April but would welcome any guidance/tips. Thanks


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    Yes - grasses should generally be left until there's signs of new growth coming through at the base, and then you can cut back to let it develop. Miscanthus would fall into that category    :)
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    Hi @boleyn_nick,

    I cut mine back in January.
    I find if I do it later than that it takes a lot longer as I'm trying not to damage the new grass shoots which are already growing. In January I can just chop the whole lot down with sharp shears.
    Make sure you wear stout gloves ... the old grass stems can be quite sharp.

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    Some grasses are evergreen and will sulk or die if you cut them back.  With these you're recommended to pull out the old dead leaves from the base, as you would do with pampas grass.  This RHS site is useful:

    Whoops.  Just seen your thread is headed "Miscanthus"... if that's all you have, then yes, cut back in early spring.
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    I usually cut mine back around the end of February depending on the weather and the state of it. Some years the whole thing has collapsed by the end of January. 
    When you see the new green growth appear at the base, don't wait much longer. Mine are quite large so l use shears and then secateurs to tidy up.
    As Bee says definitely wear gloves, the leaves on grasses can be razor sharp. 
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