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favourite dahlias

I'm starting to look through websites to order seeds, bulbs etc and want to get some new dahlias. 
I have the bishops, karma chocolate, moonfire and snowball.  I'd like to get some more to put in my cut flower bed. 
So I was wondering, for those of you that grow dahlias, what are your favourites and why? 


  • I will be interested to see what is recommended, I would like some dahlias too, but not too big and not too 'gawdy', it would be nice though to have their splash of colour come out just as so many other summer flowers are fading. 
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  • I've got the bishop series of dahlias, and they're lovely, not at all gaudy, but unfortunately they don't cut well.  Take a look at bishop of llandaff and york.  You might also like moonfire which I have.  I've been told cafe au lait is beautiful for cutting. 
  • I've just ordered loads of stuff from Farmer Gracy including the lovely looking Dahlias, Sarasota Joy and Thomas Edison. Roll on Spring! 
  • I’ve really enjoyed Honka Pink this year. Are Farmer Gracy still delivering to the UK as normal, @SamBevington? I have a substantial wish list on their website...


  • KeenOnGreenKeenOnGreen Posts: 1,790
    The favourite in our garden is David Howard, it's not too big and blousy.  We used to have a Cafe au Lait, very big and blousy, but the most wonderful, delicate colouring.
  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 10,284
    I grow Bishops Children every year from seed.
    They always perform well and I love the hot tropical colours and generally dark foliage.

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  • @pitter-patter 
    How are Honkas for cutting?  They look a bit delicate to me, but I do like them. 

  • @pitter-patter
    FG mailed me with an expected delivery Feb/March so I presume everything's ok but who knows with the B word!
  • EnnylEnnyl Posts: 24
    I love dahlias - this is the 'bright' selection - 'Sarah Raven' 'Wine-eyed Jill', 'Schippers Bronze', 'Perch Hill' - all from Sarah Raven
  • EnnylEnnyl Posts: 24
    and this is dahlia 'White Onesta' with cosmos, antirrhinums and phlox.

    I do like the Honka dahlias - cut well but don't last long in the vase

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