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Overwintering geraniums

I am overwintering some geranium plants in my greenhouse and many of them have buds on.  If I allow them to flower, will it affect how well they flower in the garden beds and pots during Summer? Normally I snip the buds off but this year I am spending more time at home and would find some bright red flowers cheerful in these otherwise not too cheerful times. To clarify, I mean the geraniums that have bright red or pink or white flowers, often seen in pots with lobelia. I'm unsure whether I should call them geraniums or pelargoniums


  • Yes, they're pelargoniums. It should make absolutely no difference whatsoever if they flower now. Personally I love these plants--they were among the first I grew from seed and cuttings. 

    To ensure good flowering in the summer you just need to be generous in feeding them with a high potash fertiliser all through the warm season. But in winter keep them very much on the dry side, cool not frozen, and don't feed. Their native climate has dry winters, so our wet ones will finish them off.
  • Thank you @Cambridgerose12 - really useful advice.  I'll enjoy the flowers this Winter, sitting in my greenhouse with a cup of coffee and again in Summer in the garden.  I love these plants too, especially in groups of pots.
  • I was wondering the same as also have these flowering in my greenhouse very useful information..thanks both!
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