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Cutting back pelargonium

peteSpeteS Posts: 924
I've just rescued my pelargonium from the winter weather with the intention of storing it in some multi purpose. It's quite a bushy, substantial plant, so is it best to cut all the stems right back, and will it need any water over the coming months. Many thanks.


  • In my experience, they frequently die of black leg rot if they are watered in winter. Also, by cutting the stems back you increase the surface area where the fungus can penetrate. I'd recommend keeping it above freezing and using a nutrient-poor medium (vermiculite better than compost). I've never preserved them over winter by storing in a bag of planting medium, only in a pot in my unheated kitchen. Their leaves die off because of the drought, but don't be fooled into watering... they will come back in the spring just fine and you can cut them back then. My best experience has been with having them indoors between mid-October and mid-April. Others may have more experience!
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