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Hi all.  I'm looking for a very small shed for my very small garden!  I would need to paint it/hide it with plants to make it more attractive as it will be seen from the lounge. Although I have a small garden I love growing things from seed and potting on and so need somewhere to hide all the tools and pots etc.  I have a very slim keter cupboard that has a lot of stuff in but would also like a shed to overwinter a few things too.  Has anyone got a shed in a very small garden and would share a pic of how it looks? Or any particular recommendations? thanks


  • Hi @Dahliadelights - how small is very small? I would count my garden as very small, but it may be that yours is smaller, I am not sure.

    I can't offer advice on where to buy them, as we inherited our shed when we moved in just over a year ago, but our very small garden quite happily accommodates what I think is a fairly decent sized shed, so you might be able to fit more in than you expect.

    I planted sunflowers in the Spring that shielded it quite well during the Summer and gave seed for the birds in the Autumn, and then in the Summer I planted passion flowers up willow canes tacked into the side of the shed and they flowered beautifully all through Autumn. A friend of mine warned me that the passion flowers are very enthusiastic and can run a bit rampant once they really get going next year, but I don't mind that as I wholeheartedly wanted to cover/hide the shed with flowers!

    I've attached a range of pictures below to try and give an idea of scale, and of what the plants look like. The one where you can see paving slabs at the very bottom of the picture were taken from our back door. Apologies for the state of the lawn - I'd been waiting for the dandelions to stop flowering before cutting.

    Our neighbour's garden (to the left hand side as you look towards the gate) is narrower than ours at the far end as they are on a less than 90 degree corner between us and another terrace, but they still manage to fit a shed about half the size of ours alongside a big trampoline for their children.

    Hope this helps at least in terms of scale and cover potential, even if I can't advise on where to source a shed. It's my first garden, so I am a bit ignorant!

    Wishing you all the best for your garden development.

  • Lizzie27Lizzie27 SomersetPosts: 10,531
    I bought a 'sentry shed' which is tall and narrow to go in our courtyard and holds most of my stuff. Mine has three shelves inside, room for spade and fork etc and a tiny top cupboard for sprays. It came ready painted in pale blue. I don't think it will last for years as it's quite flimsy but it's good enough for what I want. Try googling on sentry sheds, there's various supliers.
  • thanks @WillowBark I love the way your shed just blends in!  My garden is more of a courtyard mostly decking and definitely smaller than yours.  Loving the sunflowers growing up 🌻 I have my eye on some giraffe sunflowers to grow next year!  Thanks for the pics 😊
  • hi @Lizzie27 yes that's a good idea too.... we sort of have that sort of shed already with the plastic one so I was hoping for a slightly bigger one.... I think I have notions of hiding in there with a cup of tea 🤭
  • @Dahliadelights Ah, sorry that I wasn't much help, then. Fingers crossed others on here will be able to give advice on something a bit more suitable for your space.

    Thanks, I was quite pleased at managing to mask the shed a bit, and I did love the sunflowers! Nice and bright and cheerful. Plus popular with the bees. Good luck with your giraffe sunflowers next year - you'll have to post us some pictures once they've grown!
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