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Plot Companion planting?

Hi All, Happy Xmas,   I need some advice please on what i can plant among my veg in raised beds , to attract beneficial insects to my plot? I have attached a plan of what i am planning to grow next year, Thanks 


  • Calendula and Limnanthes are good options to attract polinators.
  • connie77connie77 Posts: 148
    Yes Rachel , will give that ago Thanks 
  • Nasturtiums will help keep the aphids off your edible plants as well as providing flowers. 
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  • connie77connie77 Posts: 148
    Allotment Boy, yes I grow them with my climbing Beans usually , really I am just worried about getting flowers growing next to some of the new veg i am going to try (celery) & it having a detrimental affect on their growth? 
  • raisingirlraisingirl Posts: 6,655
    some advice here Companion Planting Combinations - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine

    Borage is always good for attracting pollinators and the flowers are lovely in salads and Pimms or punch (they taste of cucumber). It self seeds quite freely but easy enough to hoik out if it turns up where you don't want it. 
    Hyssop seems to be particularly attractive to honey bees. 
    Comfrey is a very useful plant, being both a great favourite of bees and also for making plant food but try to get the sterile type - the common one is a spreader.

    Don't plant your mint in the bed with the brassicas without confining it or it'll swamp everything in no time flat. 

    I'm curious, what goes in the big gap in the middle? 
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  • connie77connie77 Posts: 148
    Raisingirl, that is my bad drawing skills 🤷‍♀️ That is supposed to be a path , I only have a half plot , so try to squeeze in what I can? 
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