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paddympaddym Posts: 10
Hi GW forum... Happy Christmas to all. I’m a COVID gardener developing an interest in houseplants too. I have a Hippeastrum bogota on the go... love watching the development and am puzzled by how one stem has far outgrown the other. Will the tiddler catch up, and what might it mean for reflowering prospects? Pic attached. Thanks to anyone with time for comment 


  • There's usually one flower ahead of the other, the second one will often start to flower as the first one fades. Your second one is much smaller though, and it is unusual for there to be no sign of leaves. Some bulb species do flower either before or after the leaves appear, and I don't know if this is the case with H. Bogota, which is a different species from the ones I have always grown, and closer to the wild form.
    The plant needs leaves to manufacture food and it is best to feed the bulb after flowering to have a better chance of re-flowering another year.
  • paddympaddym Posts: 10
    Thank you!  :)
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