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Privet Hedge Diseases

Can anyone offer help or advice with regard to my ailing privet hedge which has been perfectly healthy for the past 35 years, at least, but which now seems to be dying on its feet with 60% of the foliage already gone. Our next door neighbours had their young hedge completely die on them during last Summer while neighbours across the road have a t all hedge which also seems to be in trouble.  What are the options with regard to a more hardy and disease resistant replacement for planting in the Spring?


  • Lizzie27Lizzie27 SomersetPosts: 9,259
    We've had numerous posts on the forum re dying privet hedges this year, me included. I think it's probably due to the weather we've had, that very early hot spell didn't help. It may possibly be honey fungus which is not good news, if it's also affecting your neighbours plants.
    You might like to think about a yew hedge (they grow quicker than you think)or perhaps beech but it depends upon your conditions and locality.
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