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Christmas cheer from the Strawberry Tree.

We get a bit of welcome cheer from our Strawberry Tree, Arbutus F. unedo. It might as well be called Christmas Bauble Tree.


  • Yours has the fruits still? I don't have one , but my neighbour does , overhangs 'our' side and perhaps 3-4 weeks ago all the fruits were either picked off by hungry birds (?) or just fell off to make a big squelchy mess on the ground! Agree its very pretty on the tree though!
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  • @Desi_in_London the fruit is in the process of dropping. It's somewhat near the north lee of a house (in a village), so perhaps that chillier aspect delays it compared to your neighbour's. I haven't really seen birds eat from it, I'll need to keep an eye out - perhaps it's too close to the house compared to easily available food further away (that is, the feeder stations I put out).
  • Lizzie27Lizzie27 Posts: 11,160
    Lovely photos @micearguers, I had one once in a pot by the front door and loved it. Unfortunately it died on me in a very cold winter, have always meant to get another one, you may have just inspired me!
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  • How wonderful for you. We had one but it didn't like growing here in clay soil.
  • @micearguers - I have two trees and they performed superb just like yours did - in fact this year is the most exceptional I have seen them. @bertrand-mabel interesting yours' have not faired well as I am on heavy clay and never had a problem.  
  • Beautiful. I planted one this summer but it's only small so yet to provide a display.
  • Oh wow! I bought one earlier this year and I've just had two fruit and was so excited! Hope mine goes like yours.well done!!
  • LG_LG_ Posts: 4,107
    That's gorgeous. I have noticed them a lot more this year, all looking great, so perhaps it's been a good year for them. Or perhaps I'm just more observant this year!
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  • The fruits are edible and taste like strawberries, although with a slightly gritty texture.
  • @Lizzie27 it's been growing quite fast for me, even though it's known in the 'small tree' category. It's quite suprising to me that it is recommended as a patio/container plant (for example RHS does this). Perhaps it adapts well to limited growth medium? Somehow I can see that fitting with the South Europe part of its growth range.

    @batwood14 I have it growing in well-drained chalky clay; @bertrand-mabel perhaps you were unlucky?

    At the moment I estimate it puts on about 1-1.5' of growth per year. It's about 4 meters from our conservatory and the neighbour's extension. I'm a little bit worried it might get too big!

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