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Care of Nerine bulbs and Gladioli

I have been given some Nerine bulbs from congested clumps. Most I have planted (with their tops showing) in a trough type window box planter, with lots of gravel/grit. I’m trying to shelter it from the seemingly constant rain we are having at present. 
I have an additional 3 still in a paper bag.
The clumps they came from had masses of flowers and the bulbs were all on the surface of the border.
Should I plant the remaining bulbs? I am having changes made to my garden so don’t want to put them in the borders at the moment.

I also have some Gladioli bulbs which I have dried out. I don’t have space in the bottom of my fridge (advised?) but I could put them in the attic - which is quite cold. Would this be more suitable than the shed, which would be more on the damp side?
I live on the Isle of Wight.


  • Both hardy in UK. To be on the safe side I would cover them with some hedge clippings or similar to keep them on the dry side.
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  • Presume you mean the Nerine bulbs?  I don’t have a hedge but could use dry leaves and put the container under cover?
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