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Yellow Lilies starting to flower in mid December

In August this year I planted 6 of what i thought were Asiatic lilies, which have since grown to a height of around 40cm, each with 4 buds developed. Living in the east/central Scotland, i'm surprised to see 2 of the lilies have started flowering with the others looking like they are following. I'm new to gardening so I expect I've done something wrong. Is this normal. Outside temperatures have been sitting between 0 and 8, night and day. 


  • Hello and welcome.

    This is not an area of expertise for me but in the absence of other posts...

    Lilies are usually planted in autumn or early spring. Where these purchased earlier in the year and put in late? Or did you buy them in August? I'm going to suggest that as they went in the ground when it was warm they prematurely started into growth and put up their flowering shoots out of season. If they are in flower now I would cut off the flower spikes and let the foliage die naturally as the frosts and winter hit. You can then remove it.

    They may have exhausted their reserves for flowering next year, but you never know. 
  • Lucky old you. Asiatic lilies are very hardy, in fact they need cold weather to flower. To be on the safe side, after they have gone over, cover them with some hedge clippings or similar to keep them on the dry side. Asiatics do not like winter wet.
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