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Bocking 14 Comfrey

Ive been looking for Bocking 14 Comfrey seeds online (as root cuttings seem to be pretty expensive), but cant seem to find any anywhere.  Is that because they are sterile I wonder?  Any suggestions on how I might get hold of some on a super tight budget (no wages since Covid-19 started.. eek!).  Many thanks in advance for your thoughts and suggestions.


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    Welcome to the forums.

    Interesting question.
    Had to do some research.
    Yes it is a sterile that means it will not have any fertile seeds.
    Need to get it from root cuttings.
    Maybe put it on your Christmas present wish list.

    5 bare rooted plants for £10.00.

    Perthshire. SCOTLAND .
  • Ha!  Sadly I dont get Xmas presents anymore, though do have a lovely Xmas day round at my sisters, so very spoilt.  Hmm.. I did wonder if that was the reason, which makes sense, of course.  
    Ill instead put it on my list of presents to myself, once the work starts rolling in again.  
    Thanks so much for coming back to me and for the links.
    Take care
    Louise :-)
  • Hi @cooper_lou - I’ve been trying to get Bocking 14 all year. In the end I ordered 10 root cuttings off eBay for about £8 (including delivery) from a well rated private seller. Arrived a few days later. Only 1-2 cm pieces.

    I put them in modular cells in a propagator a few weeks ago and at the start of this week removed the lid as they were starting to shoot.

    They're growing really quickly! I’ll take a photo later.
    East Yorkshire
  • 5 up, 2 more just starting to poke through.

    Bocking 14 best one because it doesn't seed all over the place. I just couldn't find it available to buy anywhere and earliest says spring 2021. Thought I'd give them a headstart. 

    East Yorkshire
  • I've got Bocking 14 in my Plant Swap listing. I can send them much cheaper than what has been quoted on here. Mine are thick root stems as long as 6" - you can chop them up into 2s and then make more plants from them. DM if anyone's interested. 
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