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Does a wildlife pond need some sun?

Hello. I have a 1m x1.2m spot which is up against a SE facing fence. It gets no direct sun except height of summer due to tall trees. Only shrubs, bleeding heart, stinking iris and weeds thrive.

 I’ve read wildlife ponds need some sun. Is this true? Never seen a frog or newt in the garden and would like to encourage them.

if not I’ll plant more of those barbed plants with small leaves with berries the birds love this time of year.

Thanks in advance.


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 82,298
    Our little wildlife pond only gets sun in the summer and we get frogs, newts, grass snakes, dragonflies and damselflies. Go for it. 😊 
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  • Sazz101Sazz101 BucksPosts: 186
    Thanks @Dovefromabove. Will do 🙂
  • I was just coming to ask the same thing!  Hoping to make a small pond in my front garden which gets very little sun - none in winter.  We overlook a school and the trees surrounding the border have lots of birds so I think a pond would be more enjoyed in the front, we don't seem to get nearly as much wildlife in the (sunnier) back garden.
  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 49,201
    You can always have two @Janicemarch ;)
    The wildlife will appreciate the water, regardless of where it is, but generally speaking - a decent amount of sun is better.
    What really matters is what other 'facilities' you can provide - good cover is very important for all sorts of creatures, especially around the pond, and leading to other areas where they can escape any potential predators. Plants which provide places for frogs and other insects to use, or hide in, are also good.
    Some flat rocks are really good at the edges as they warm up, and provide wasps and hoverflies [in particular] a nice place to rest. Shallow edges with some gravel/stones give them access for a drink too. 

    I've had ponds in all sorts of aspects, and all are well used  :)
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