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Ficus from IKEA

Hi all,

Anyone with experience in this type of plant?
Mine is alive but it has been in this bad shape since I bought it. It's a very new field to me so thank you in advance for helping me!


  • Wow! I think the pot looks much too small for the size of the tree. It is almost a large bonsai. The pic. does not show the depth of the pot but it certainly needs more root space, in my humble opinion. There are plenty of new shoots developing, depends on what overall look you want from the tree, a standard type effect or a bush. Some of the lower clusters of stems could be removed if you want a clear trunk. Reducing or thinning some of the growth could help the plant to continue growing. Any dead stems should be trimmed back to the growing points.
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    It looks like Ficus benjamina.
    They hate to be moved..maybe the move from Garden Centre to your home has been enough to shock it.
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  • They don't love dry centrally heated air either...but can't imagine Ikea sold it this bare. Do you have a picture what it looked like at the point of purchase?
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  • Hello everyone,

    Thanks a lot for your help!
    I bought it more than 1 year ago and at the very beginning was full of leaves (attached a picture). It is now in a bright place, away from heat and cold. I didn't repot it and I don't think it grew that much since I bought it. It started to drop leaves since the first moment at my place. I tried few spots but nothing has changed.
    Again, thank you all for helping me!
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    I also have an IKEA Ficus (albeit much smaller than yours- a bonsai, really) and it also dropped all its leaves within a short time of bringing it home. 

    I don’t know about your IKEA, but the one where I bought mine is very artificially heated and cooled with no natural light so I was a bit surprised that the plant found my house to be worse conditions!

    I did move it to be right next to a (west-facing) window, which it seems to like. The leaves grew back in a few weeks. I don’t water it too much, and was given the odd drop of Baby Bio over the summer. It’s currently still doing well.
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    I bought a ficus from a garden centre and watched in horror as it denuded itself over the next few months. Gladly it settled in and has grown back its leaves and it's been quite some time since i had to pick up leaves.  I too have it near a west window and don't overwater and it is doing well.
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    Oh, my house is quite cool so i thought it was probably warmer at the GC hence the shock and now it has acclimatised.  Just wondering, if your house is warm, could it be spider mite?
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    Until fairly recently the café at the Sainsbury Centre for the Visual Arts had probably up to a dozen huge Ficus Benjaminas, probably 20’ tall, possibly more. They were in as ideal conditions as possible, controlled and with no fluctuations in temperature ... they dropped leaves throughout the year and the staff were continually sweeping them up. Sometimes the foliage on some trees looked quite sparse but within a week or two they’d leafed up again and another of the trees would be looking quite bare. 
    I think it’s a normal thing for them to do and, providing they’re not over or under watered and they get sufficient light, yours will leaf up again and be fine. 

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    Don't blame yourself, Ficus benjamina are notorious for leaf drop, sometimes for no apparent reason although often triggered by moving them eg just bringing it home from the shop could set it off, even if conditions before and after the move were both perfect.
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