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Truffle Cream Begonia _ are the corms there? ))

Hello All. I am a newbie gardener.... grew begonias this summer in a pot from small plugs.  Looked up advice what to do for overwintering. But when I dug corms out.... they did not look like corms at all... Just a tiny bunch of roots.... Can the reason be that they just "finished" their first season? I really hope for some advice and guidance from all good people out there. 


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    Some Begonia have tubers.
    Others are different and have fibrous root system.
    Quote www.

    Fibrous Rooted Begonias differ from Tuberous Begonias in both appearance and their root structure. These are the more commonly known garden begonias, with small single or double flowers, and have a fibrous root system. This type of begonia enjoys bright light and some direct sun more so than Tuberous Begonias.

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  • Thank you so much! Now I know there are different types, and I understand that Truffle Cream Begonia is fibrous one.  My only question now is what I shall do for winter. Shall I dig them out similarly to tuberous ones?  and then plant them back in the spring? Many thanks in advance. Julia
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