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bramble bank at end of garden

i would be grateful for any ideas of what to do with a quite steep sloping bank at the bottom edge of my garden - i've cleared alot of the brambles away so its just a brown mess now - plus we have a 'waterfall' of heavy clay earth right in the middle of it thrown out by badgers digging a tunnel to exit here! we don't mind the badgers but how can we make it look better without 'closing in ' the garden ie we like to keep as much spacious feel as poss. 


  • K67K67 Posts: 2,507
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    You don't say the size and whether or in full sun or partial or full shade.
    A photo would be useful so we can see the area and the surrounding garden.

  • it is in shade . wonder if its worth clearing more of the brambles away to clear it all. the green fir previously was amidst all the brambles ! 
  • B3B3 Posts: 25,178
    It's difficult to judge how steep the slope is. Have you any idea what might be underneath? Are the brambles stopping the soil from slipping? If yes, have you thought of something to replace them?
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    The brambles will keep returning, so if you want rid of them, you need to dig them out, or use a stumpkiller product, then replace with something which will help keep them at bay if they're coming in from outside. 
    Cotoneaster will grow there and keep it stabilised, regardless of the aspect. You could also just plant a few shrubs, or small trees, at the base of the slope - in the same area where the conifer is - which will disguise it a bit. 
    Badgers are protected too, so you'd have to make sure you plant things which can withstand their digging. If it's a wilder area, it's often a case of just hiding things a bit, and letting nature use it.  :)
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  • Badger setts often have more than one entrance, so there could well be more holes hidden under the brambles. Unless you have a clear idea of what you want and that can accommodate the badgers, it is probably best to do as suggested above and decide to live with it. Hope you like blackberry pie, but if not there's always blackberry wine :)
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    I’ve given up trying to clear them from the bottom of our garden, I’ve planted a  Cotoneaster hedge in front, they can grow as much as they like now, the bees and birds love them.  
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