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New plant pot design

p.hallp.hall Posts: 17
hello im phillip and im a designer.

ive recently been working on a new type of plant pot and id really like some feedback to see what you all think.

its called the ID Circle Pot and it consists of an inner and outer layer. the inner layer being where the plant, soil and arrogate are stored and the outer layer is the reservoir where you add water through the spout. it also have over fill protection and transparent strip for seeing the water level.

your feed back would be greatly helpful :smile: 


  • josusa47josusa47 Posts: 3,530
    What's it made of?  It looks like plastic.  What proportion of recycled materials does it contain?  How long will it remain usable, and when it's of no further use, can it be re-purposed or recycled?
  • p.hallp.hall Posts: 17
    yes its going to be made from PP+UV so its recyclable, itll have a long life span as the walls are 3mm thick so they are really strong. currently they will be made from raw PP but i intend in the future to have them made from 100% recycled. itll also come in three colours. copper, balck and grey. 
  • p.hallp.hall Posts: 17
    that's fair they might not be for everyone if the modern look isn't your thing 
  • Not for me I'm afraid ... what do you estimate the unit price will be?

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  • p.hallp.hall Posts: 17
    The unit price will be £6 each. They are mostly designed for herbs and smaller plants. they fit on most window seals. they are designed more for function then for style. They are very effective pots especially if you struggle to grow plants 
  • JennyJJennyJ Posts: 10,449
    It wouldn't be recyclable here - plastics have to be bottle-shaped to be recycled (yeah, nuts, but I don't make the rules). For myself, I don't see any advantage over an ordinary plant pot in a decorative outer container (I take out the plant in its pot and stand it on a pot saucer to water, then back into the outer pot when it's done draining). Appearance-wise I can see that they might work with a modern interior, but they're not to my taste.
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  • What are the dimensions and volume please?

    Gardening in Central Norfolk on improved gritty moraine over chalk ... free-draining.

  • p.hallp.hall Posts: 17
    The rule with plastics having to be bottle shaped I've never heard before as we know PP regardless of shape is widely recycled.

    You don't water this plant pot from the top its a bottom up system where you water your plant through the spout and the water feeds over time through the holes in between the inner and outer pot.
    This normally give your plant about a weeks worth of water. 
  • p.hallp.hall Posts: 17

  • p.hallp.hall Posts: 17
    the dimensions are in mm
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