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Pruning "Liquid amber" tree

FlapjackFlapjack Nouvelle-Aquitaine South West FrancePosts: 7
Hello.  I've acquired a garden that requires some renovation and maintenance of trees and shrubs.  I've attached a picture of a liquid amber tree, about 6m tall. As you can see it created a spur at about 1.5m. Should this be removed to create a single trunk? Any advice very welcome. Thanks  Pete.


  • ObelixxObelixx Vendée, Western FrancePosts: 22,740
    I wouldn't remove that but I would gradually take off the lower stems up to head height on both main stems.  It will allow more light to the plants below and make it easier for you to work in there as well as mowing the grass without poking out an eye.

    Do it now while the tree is dormant so that it doesn't risk bleeding to death when the sap starts rising.  Cut each stem close to the trunk and make sure your secateurs/loppers/pruning saw are clean and well oiled to make the cuts clean and easier to do.
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  • I would remove that the winter when tree is dormant.
    As tree grows the weight of the branch could cause it to split and cause a rip in the trunk.
    Then you have a specimen with a good trunk, and space to grow a strong canopy.
    See what others say.

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  • I would also remove it during the winter, I would also tidy up the main trunk by removing all of the twiggy growth, to the height you want the head to begin, usually around 7/8 ft so you can walk under it without hitting your head when mowing or just standing to admire the view.
  • FlapjackFlapjack Nouvelle-Aquitaine South West FrancePosts: 7
    Thanks for the advice everyone. I've decided I'm going to remove the spur and also lower branches. I've got another liquid amber with lower branches so that one will also have same treatment. Thanks again. Pete.
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