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Which climbing rose??

I want to replace a very old rose that has never performed well the three seasons I’ve been here.
I love the climber golden showers, was the first rose I inherited at my first house.the growing position is east facing\part shade, against a house wall in a sheltered position.There is some trellis already in place.Do people think that it would do well in this position or have any other suggestions.I don’t want a rambler,disease resistance would be good and definitely want scent.Thanks in advance. 


  • OmoriOmori Posts: 1,660
    I say go for it, it is one that does well in shadier positions. If possible I would recommend to dig the planting hole bigger than usual, and replace a good deal of the soil with fresh soil either from elsewhere in the garden, or suitable compost, to mitigate issues with rose replant disease. You may want to dust the roots with a bit of mycorrhizal fungi as well. 
  • great thanks Omori.
  • I’ve grown Golden Showers in what was a semi shaded west-facing position and it performed really well. 

    I would follow @Omori’s planting advice and go ahead. I think you’ll be pleased you did. 😊 
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  • It’s planted so look forward to flowers next year.
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